Information you need to know about Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.

Rwenzori Mountains is an astonishing landscape that covers an areas of 998km2. Unlike the other volcanic mountains of east Africa, Rwenzori is a block of rock that up faulted through the floor of the Western Rift Valley. This third tallest mountain range in Africa, boasts of 5109m above sea level on mount Stanley, margarita peak,

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How to arrange your Rwenzori trek in three easy steps

This is how to arrange your Rwenzori trek in three easy steps In this modern time of travel, we have felt it necessary to make Rwenzori trekking allot easier for the travelers. In this attempt, we have made the process easier and prepared pocket friendly packages that sale the Rwenzori Mountains adventure in assorted categories

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Rwenzori Mountains trekking, a rewarding experience.

  Rwenzori mountains offers one of the most rewarding experiences in Uganda. It is good news to the visitors who want to go off the beaten track to explore new beauties. Rwenzoris’ highest point isĀ 5109 meters above sea level, on mount Stanley, the highest point in Uganda. The mountain covers around 1000 sq km and

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Rwenzori Mountains experience, a charm for every trip to Uganda.

  So wonderful travelling off the beaten track!! One sure way to do this while in Uganda is to visit the Rwenzori Mountains. Many people travelling to Uganda end at visiting the Rwenzori region without actually visiting the Rwenzori Mountains. Imagine how many people have missed this charm by an inch. Rwenzori Mountain is one

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Rwenzori camping trips, a new way to take a life time experience.

  Life is a journey. You ought to make it interesting by taking along the best and unique experiences. Rwenzori camping trips is one of those best experiences of life. It is the only mountain where camping trips had never been conducted before. during the traditional Rwenzori trekking trips. trekkers are kind of protected from

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