Rwenzori camping trips, a new way to take a life time experience.

  Life is a journey. You ought to make it interesting by taking along the best and unique experiences. Rwenzori camping trips is one of those best experiences of life. It is the only mountain where camping trips had never been conducted before. during the traditional Rwenzori trekking trips. trekkers are kind of protected from

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Community Tourism, a new home-stay at the Rwenzori gateway.

  Community tourism at the Rwenzori gateway just got enriched with more three beds per night. The beds are provided by a local family that has opened their home to sleeping visitors. It is called Rwenzori home-stay and can be booked through Uganda Community tourism association at or contacted directly. The home-stay has a

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What is community tourism, in Uganda?

  In Uganda, community tourism refers to tourism services and experiences that are part of the community daily life in the local setting, presented to the tourists by the community members themselves and the proceeding benefits of these activities go directly to the community. In community tourism, the community members are involved in the planning

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Budget community lodges for your trip to Uganda?

  If you have been looking to travel budget around Uganda, you probably have been wondering if you can find budget lodges that will be able to give you cheap but quality accommodation services. If your answer is “yes” then this is for you. In this post, we are introducing you to a list of

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Community accommodation near Rwenzori Mountains National park.

  If you’re choosing to visit Rwenzori mountains national park you can now find accommodation closer to the park instead of sleeping in the hot Kasese town. At the gate way, you will find community lodges that will cater for your food and accommodation needs perfectly well. The gate way, is located about  26 km

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