A dream-like tour in the foothills of Mount Elgon National park. The village is home to four charming waterfalls on Sipi River with the highest at 100m naturally located in an envelope of greenery and beautiful mountains with rainbows forming at the base. Walk to one or all of these truly striking waterfall and take the thrill of standing behind to feel refreshed by the cool breeze. When there, it is a completely a different world. Besides, the scenic views while driving to and from the destination are very impressive with the breath taking mountains and valleys generously offering wonderful photo opportunities and you will definitely take the memories of Uganda with you

Coffee is a local drink here and you will be offered a cup of fresh coffee all the time. Every family farms, roasts and brews their own coffee drink and you may choose to participate in the coffee making experience with the local family. You a;so have a chance to participate in a detailed village tour to take a good hint of the culture at the ancient caves, the cultural dance performances or visiting the local homestay and join the family members around pots of “ajono”, the local drink.  attend the cultural ceremony where you will appreciate the true culture of the Sabiny people indigenous to this side of Mount Elgon.

Even a short visit to Sipi is well worth doing, given the beauty of this area. The walks truly takes you out of yourself and you will confirm that Sipi area and Mount Elgon is truly a must visit while in Uganda. These community activities can be easily organized from any accommodation/ hotel in Sipi area or at the Sipi guide’s association offices.


  • Sipi falls walk
  • Sipi coffee experience tour:
  • Sipi village cultural walk:
  • Sipi cultural dance performance:


  • Each walk takes 2-3 hours basing on the pace of the trekkers.


  • At the bottom of the fall, enjoy the view of the rocks with varying colors.
  • Realize the changing climate as it cools down when you get to the bottom of the falls
  • You have a chance of spotting unique wildlife like chameleons and brightly colored birds.
  • Taking the scenic views of the area from every location of your stay.
  • Roasting poundings making yourself a cup of self-processed coffee.

What to bring:

  • Walking shoes
  • Layers and water proof / Wind jacket (weather is changeable)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat and sun cream
  • Drinks and snacks can be purchased at the area
  • Binoculars and camera (optional)
  • Plastic bag to protect cameras etc.
  • Walking stick will be provided at the starting point.


  • Sipi water falls walk ________________ 25000/= ( 8$)
  • Coffee experience tour  _____________25000/= ( 8$)
  • Cultural tour  _____________________ 30000/= (10$)
  • Traditional dance __________________ 40000/= (13$)

You can book this community tour through this website at no additional cost. Uganda trip provides you the gateway to all parts of Uganda’s parks, landscapes and communities. We are happy to organize your visit, arrange your transportation to Mount Elgon area or provide more information about the Sipi falls village tours experience.

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