Gorillas & Primates

Amazing Wildlife exploration trip (5 days)

This trip is a showcase of the wildlife wonder of mid western Uganda. Starts from Mbarara, Kampala or any destination of your choice close to Queen Elizabeth national park.  During the trip, you will be exposed to breathtaking scenery of the rift valley escarpment, the Rwenzori mountain ranges, the creator lakes area and large  expanses

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The most captivating Wildlife adventure safaris, Rwenzori trekking and gorillas (14 days)

  This 14 days trip gives you full experience of African jungle and escapade, from the snow to the savanna and the fresh water wildlife in three national parks; Rwenzori mountains, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi impenetrable national parks. On this trip, you will be trekking Rwenzori mountains of the moon up to 4023 meters above

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Extraordinary volcano climbing on the virungas (10 days)

  On this ten days trip, you will visit Mgahinga volcanoes and Rwenzori mountains ending the trip with a visit to the chimp and primates in Kibale national park. It is an extraordinary trip that takes you to witness the wonderful landscape, wildlife and meeting the people of the albertine rift valley. the most naturally

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The most affordable Primates and Murchison falls National park Safari (6 days)

  On your way to Murchison falls national park, you will be walking the forests, meeting the communities and spending time with the chimps in Budongo forest. From Kampala, spend your first night with the community¬† traditional huts at Boomu womens campsite. Participate in selected cultural activities or touring the village to share their way

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The mysterious encounter of gorillas on the Volcanoes.

  you will be climbing the south-western volcanic mountains that are Home to the people and equally to the gorillas are. In this eight to nine days trip, you will meet the wildest encounter of the gorillas. You have an option of tracking the gorillas and meet the silverback as it rules over the entire

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