Gorillas & Primates

A visit to the Primates, and indigenous people (7 days)

  Get immersed in the natural and cultural heritage of Uganda on this seven days primates trip. You will visit the Chimps in their natural habitat of Kibale national park to learn the living charactoristics they share with us humans. Meet some of the indigenous people who live near Rwenzori mountains and Kibale national parks

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Wildlife safari primates and Gorillas experience (7 days)

  Explore the African jungle in a seven days trip covering four national parks with the highest numbers of wildlife density in Uganda. You will be travelling south through the Albertine rift. In its journey to the special wildlife places of Uganda. Besides the parks and wildlife, during this trip, you will be open to

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The magical cats, primates and Ssese island beaches trip(13 days)

  Discover Uganda’s natural beauty in this trip that takes you through her landscapes, wildlife, forests and magical beaches on lake Victoria. Packaged in this 13 days trip that brings you to the wildest jungles of your life, you will find the  cats in their active moments roaming in the Savannah of queen Elizabeth and

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The best of Uganda’s culture and primates in ten days

  Win yourself the great scenery as you transverse the Switzerland of Uganda during your visit to the southwestern Uganda also called the gorilla country. Canoe, swim and relax on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi as you enjoy the Cray fish, a favorite dish of everyone who has had a chance to reached this lake. this

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A sensational encounter of eye to eye with Gorillas. (5 days)

  These thrilling five days in  African jungle is a showcase of Uganda’s  rich scenery and forests. The trip takes you through the arguably most attractive landscape of Uganda which most people call the Switzerland of Africa. This trip gives you an opportunity to visit the indigenous communities of Uganda as you drive from the

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