Mountain Climbing

Relaxing sceneries at Sipi falls – Mount Elgon (6 days)

Sipi Falls is one of the highest falls in Uganda. it is located in the foothills of Mount Elgon, eastern Uganda. Relax as you feel the cool breeze from Mount Elgon. Tomorrow you will participate in the village walks while taking the amazing scenery from different directions and overlooking the plains bellow Mount Elgon national park. It is

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Rwenzori mountain Climbing trip – Ibanda gate (10 days)

The Climb through Ibanda gate starts at Nyakalengija headquarters. Nyakalengija village is located 23 km from Kasese town. from the office, you will take a relatively flat walk for about 3km to the park gate. Here, briefing and park entrance fees will be done before entering into the park. preferably, climbing at this gate should

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