Rwenzori mountain is heaven on earth… so beautiful and challenging.

  Like many have said during this trek, you won’t prove it until you try it. Rwenzori highest point stands at5109 meters above sea level and maks it the third highest mountain in Africa. This point is margarita peak on mount Stanley, divided by Uganda and Congo boarder. As you celebrate the view at the

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Distances between Ugandas national parks

The size of Uganda is 241,038 km² and it takes about 12hrs to drive across the country from border to border. Uganda has ten national parks as the main tourist attractions where you will be able to do a whole range of activities including; gorilla tracking, chimp and other primates tracking, forest walks, wildlife viewing safaris, boat

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How high is Sipi falls?

  Sipi falls is located in eastern Uganda. It is a series of three waterfalls on the same river. The highest of the falls is 100 meters. It is called sipi falls 3 and it is the main falls known by almost everyone who has been to sipi. This is the one located lowest and

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Explore Queen Elizabeth national park by Boda-boda

With a local rider/ guide, you will be thrilled by the Bodaboda experience in and around Queen Elizabeth national park. The experience is organized by the elephant home, a community owned and run lodge neighboring queen Elizabeth national park. Besides this tour, this lodge offers self-contained rooms a restaurant, crafts shop and camping grounds. On

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How I enriched my wildlife safari experience in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Here is how to enrich your wildlife safari by standing in the life of a local resident. The activity worked for me so it may work for you as well. You probably should stay at  the elephant home camp or any other accommodation within Kikorongo area, to get this arranged perfectly. You will be thrilled

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