Sipi water falls visit and what to bring – mount elgon national park.

Even a short visit to Sipi is well worth doing, given the beauty of this area. The sipi water falls and other walks truly to mount elgon national park take you out of yourself.  During the visit, you will confirm that Sipi area and Mount Elgon is truly a must visit while in Uganda. Highlights

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How I found a homestay in Uganda, for an affordable trip – Uganda Community tourism association

  For those looking to find a homestay in a serene village of Uganda, this should lead you the local home of your dream. Personally, I love staying in homestays during all my travels. This year it was my first visit to Uganda to explore the pearl of Africa. I was destined to trek the

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What times can Kazinga channel boat cruise be done – Queen Elizabeth national park?

Kazinga channel boat cruise is offered all year round. This makes any time you plan to visit Queen Elizabeth national park, the best time to do this memorable cruise. The boat cruise is conducted from two points; one from Mweya peninsula and the other from Katunguru community. From Mweya peninsular, a scheduled boat cruise is

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How to do Kazinga channel boat cruise alone or in a small group – queen Elizabeth national park

If you will be travelling alone or in a small group and you don’t want to miss on the boat safaris, this is for you. It is how to do Kazinga channel boat cruise in a small group without meeting a high minimum cost or any hectic arrangement costs to the service providers. In the

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How to do a wildlife safari cheaply in Queen Elizabeth national park – Uganda

Queen Elizabeth national park is a fusion of all nature and cultural attractions of Uganda. It is the most preferred park of Uganda that offers the best wildlife and jungle experiences. During the safaris in and around this park, you will be exposed to a cross section of natural endowment representative of the entire country. The

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