The Kazinga channel boat excursion in queen Elizabeth national park

Kazinga channel boat cruise is conducted on a natural waterway laying between the two fresh water lakes; Edward and George. The water in the channel flows from east to west towards lake Edward. This water is believed to join lake George on its journey from the rivers that flow from Rwenzori mountains. Kazinga channel is

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Welcome to Kazinga channel boat cruise – queen Elizabeth national park

  Kazinga channel is a natural water-way with wildlife wonders.  It is 40 km long and approximately 3-4 meters deep. The channel flows from east to waste of the park between lake George (250km2) and Edward (2000km2); the two fresh water lakes are of great ecosystem importance in this ecosystem and the human communities living

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Accommodation and attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park

  In Queen Elizabeth national park, you can be sure to find a wide range of accommodation options, from low-priced, mid-range and executive lodges in all categories based on budget, interests and travel plans. This destination caters for every traveler. You can find lodges, hotels, bed and breakfast, camp grounds glamping accommodation and homestay accommodation options in all ranges of

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Getting to queen Elizabeth national park, by road or by air.

Whether you want to travel by air or by road, it is easier to get to queen Elizabeth national park than to get to any other park in Uganda. This park is located in the extreme western part of Uganda near the Congo border. The park neighbors with Kasese town from the south. By road

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How to add Kazinga channel boat cruise on Queen Elizabeth safari trip.

Kazinga channel For those who have been looking to get close to wildlife in Uganda, Kazinga channel boat cruise is the best safari choice to add on your safari. It is a calmly flowing water mass in the heart of queen Elizabeth national park. It joins two lakes; George and Edward. The channel flows westwards

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