How to get a cheap safari option at queen Elizabeth national park, with the community

  If you meet the people, they can tell you the story about wildlife, but if you meet the wildlife, Animals or plants may not tell you the story about the people. This means, if you meet the people during your travel, you get an opportunity to experience both the wildlife and the people. Similarly,

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What currency and power, used in Uganda? – Useful money and power tips for Uganda.

Money and power are the pivot of every trip. These two items will make or spoil your holiday experience while you travel. The same applies to your trip to Uganda. This is what you need to know about currency and power options as you plan your trip to Uganda. Currency and payments: The Local currency: Uganda

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When looking for cheap accommodation for families, small groups or friends-Queen Elizabeth national park.

Are you planning to travel in a small group? If your trip will be to Queen Elizabeth national park, the elephant home has all your needs answered. Most travelers who look for the base of exploring this part of the country have found this place, a comfortable accommodation during their trip. This community owned and

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Where can I find cheap accommodation near Rwenzori mountains national park?

  If you’re looking out for cheap but quality accommodation near the Rwenzori mountains, you will have to choose from these two options; Ruboni community camp: Ruboni community camp has the best view in the area. It is located on the base of the hill giving you opportunities of viewing the mountains in and outside

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Homestays in western Uganda, near the national parks

  Accommodation in Uganda can be quite expensive if you have a long stay or planning to travel on budget. If you want to travel cheaper while exploring deeper, you probably need to try the homestay accommodation around Uganda. Adding homestays provide some opportunity to keep the travel budget low. You will be paying one

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