How and where to make reservations of community activities in Uganda.

Uganda’s rich culture should be added to every trip to the pearl of Africa. Uganda’s rich culture adds allot of value to any trip around this country. These activities are located on the main tourist routes or close to the different national park of Uganda. Some of these cultural activities that can be added on

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How to find Budget accommodation near queen Elizabeth national park

The low-priced accommodation near queen Elizabeth national park was hard to find, in the past years, before the communities established budget accommodation options. At the moment, it is more likely that you can stay very close to the park for just a few dollars and save for the rest of your trip. Currently, a range

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How and where to reserve accommodation at Ruboni community camp – Rwenzori.

  It is now easier to book and reserve accommodation at Ruboni community camp?  Ruboni community camp is located in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains. It is ideal for all tours trekking Rwenzori mountains since it is located on the trail head of the trekking trail. This is how you can reserve your accommodation or

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Unique accommodation at queen Elizabeth national park

We we are glad to introduce you to the elephant home accommodation. It is a community run lodge in the neighborhood’s of queen Elizabeth national park.  This lodge is simply everything every traveler would be looking for. through the elephant home, the local community has demonstrated a unique way of providing hospitality to the visitors

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Where to make a reservation for Boomu women’s campsite – Murchison falls national park

  We know you have to reserve accommodations for your next trip to Murchison falls national park, so we have made it easy for you to make a reservation at boomu women’s campsite. Your reservation will be well received if you make it through one of the following options; Reserving through UCOTA, Uganda community tourism

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