How to do Katwe traditional salt mining experience cheaply- Queen Elizabeth national park

  Lake Katwe salt mining tour is an inspiring community encounter. It is a potential point for leisure, research and adventure. The lake is located in a residential community inside Queen Elizabeth national park. Salt mining in Katwe has been inherited from generations since the 16th century and is till mined the same way in

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How to join Scheduled and shared wildlife safaris in queen Elizabeth national park

It is good news that now travelers can be able to find scheduled wildlife safaris going to queen Elizabeth national park. This safari is an opportunity to explore queen Elizabeth most affordably and timely. For those who are travelling alone or on budget, it will give you a chance to meet a great team that

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How to do Katwe traditional salt mining experience, in Queen Elizabeth national park

  Katwe Community Tourism Information center (KATIC) is offering a life time experience through an authentic salt mining experience tour. The tour is offered any time through the day to both individual and groups at an affordable price. Visitors staying at any lodge around Queen Elizabeth national park can have access to this tour without

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How to visit Kalinzu forest, for Affordable Chimp tracking next to queen Elizabeth national park.

  A jungle of wonders that many have never heard about is Kalinzu forest. The natural richness in this forest is not comparable to any other in Uganda. you will find the impressive varieties of natural plants and fruits that make perfect food for the forest wildlife. Easy to arrange treks, affordable activities including chimp

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How to do Kyambura gorge chimp tracking along with Queen Elizabeth national park safari.

Commonly called the valley of apes, Kyambura gorge gives a good blend of Chimp tracking experience to the queen Elizabeth wildlife safari. The gorge is in the famous kyambura wildlife reserve,  that is part of the larger queen Elizabeth conservation area. It is about 100 meters deep and a land surface area of about 1km

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