Sipi falls is located in eastern Uganda. It is a series of three waterfalls on the same river.

The highest of the falls is 100 meters. It is called sipi falls 3 and it is the main falls known by almost everyone who has been to sipi. This is the one located lowest and it is the most accessible from the community. It is located on the lower side of the road going to Kapchorwa town. Its views can be taken or even its sound heard (during rainy season) while you stay at most of the lodges around Sipi trading center.

The second highest is 80 meters high. It is called sipi falls 2. This is the middle fall on river sipi. It is located slightly above the road than goes to Kapchorwa.

The third highest fall if 60 meters high. It is called sipi falls 3. This is the top most fall. This one is reserved for those who want to do a complete water falls tour. From the third falls, you take a complete sweeping view of Kapchorwa mountainous landscape.

Besides the three sipi water falls, there are other two water falls that are least known but powerful in the area geological features. The two water falls are least explores. These two bring the total of water falls in this area to five. Three of the falls are on river sipi, one on river Chebonet and one on river Cheptoyok. All the three rivers drain from Mount Elgon towards Kumi plains.

The fourth water fall is 99 Meters high. It is actually the second in height of all the five water falls in the area. It takes its fourth position because it is unlucky to be not located on Sipi River. This fall is located on river Chebonet.

The fifth water fall is 90 meters high. It is called Cheptoyok falls. It is located on river Cheptoyok, even less and less people know about this waterfalls.

Chebonet and Cheptoyok water fall are least explored and not included on the current water falls walk. To visit one or all of them, one has to arrange a separate excursion with the local guides. All the four water falls offer a wow view that you won’t easily forget after you rip to this area. I call it a panoramic tour of the entire eastern Uganda landscape. This tour is an opportunity to view Kapchorwa mountain landscape, Kumi plains and the Karamoja flat lands all in one place.

We will bring you to the local guide who will take you to enjoy the sipi falls walk and explore the remaining two water falls.

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