A community at Katunguru has opened up a boat cruise experience on the Kazinga channel. The boat is being offered by a group of community members and sold by almost all lodges in the area. It is organised with experienced local guides who take you on the water of  Kazinga channel through the park while they explain the background information of every wildlife in site. This boat is more flexible than any other boat. You can choose to stay longer on the waters, get closer to the shore line or choose to take a cruise alone at a very low price. This flexibility is the reason you will be able to see more wildlife and or tailor the boat to your interest.

Are you planning to explore queen Elizabeth from the community side? Then this is for you. Available for 12 hours a day, this boat is a budget option that will take you for a minimum of two hours on these rich waters ecosystem. This is a crazy offer. It is an opportunity for the visitor who may want to legitimately explore the waters and wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park without paying park entrance fees. Let the people show you their wildlife during your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park. You will pay only 25$ and nothing more. No park entrance fees. The price gives you an opportunity to go for two hours on water of Kazinga channel running through Queen Elizabeth national park. The organizing community doesn’t have any schedule and operate openly basing on the availability of visitors, meaning you do it when you want between 6:00am and 7:00pm, every day. At the price of 25$ per person, a minimum of two guests is required to do the boat cruise. In this case, if you paid the fare for two people then the trip will start, yet you will still be lower than doing the boat cruise in the park. Booking in advance is recommended and it is advisable to arrive 30 minutes before the agreed time of starting the trip.

This community boat cruise is a great opportunity to see wildlife at close range as they cool off by the side of the channel. The wildlife you will see while on this boat cruise include the elephants, Hippopotamus, Buffalo, Crocodiles, multitudes of birds, and sometimes the small mammals. On your way to and from the channel, it is obvious to see wildlife in the far areas of the park balanced with the great scenery.  To my feeling, this boat cruise gives you both sides of the story when you see wildlife while interacting with the community that lives with this wildlife all their life

Come with us and we will take you there. Place your booking and we will arrange any level of accommodation, transportation or just book for you the boat cruise if that is all you want.

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