A sensational encounter of eye to eye with Gorillas. (5 days)

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These thrilling five days in  African jungle is a showcase of Uganda’s  rich scenery and forests. The trip takes you through the arguably most attractive landscape of Uganda which most people call the Switzerland of Africa. This trip gives you an opportunity to visit the indigenous communities of Uganda as you drive from the central to the extreme southwest seeking the mountain gorillas, in their natural habitat. You will be crossing from the Equator and this is the time to grab the opportunity of posing for a picture, taking a coffee or a souvenir from the equator point,

You will be driving through up to five ethnic tribes of Uganda. This is well indicated by the changing infrastructure and other traditional social economic activities. Our experienced guide will give you the insight of the way of life of the different tribes where you may have a chance to take a stop to try some of the local foods, implements and languages

spend some time as you trek the home of the mountain gorillas as you have always imagined the thick impenetrable forests all your life until you remind yourself that you’re in the heart of Africa. You will spend up to one hour with the gorilla as you compare their behavior and the leadership skills of the silver back.  After tracking, relax on the edges of lake Bunyonyi, one of the most attractive points in Uganda. you will also take the walks and sunrise pictures with the indigenous people of southwestern Uganda to conclude your journey.


Day 1: Arrival in Entebbe international airport and transfer to Kampala, Uganda’s capital city B

Day 2: Transfer to Kisoro town near mgahinga gorilla national park to stay in the communities (BLD)

Day 3: Gorilla tracking in Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national park and then possible visit to the communities (BLD)

Day 4: Transfer from Kisoro to Lake Bunyonyi and explore the local communities trips (BLD)

Day 5: Transfer from Lake Bunyonyi to Kampala where this trip ends  (BL)

Accommodations options of this trip

This trip can be matched with the following accommodations in the different categories

Budget/ community accommodation,

  • Ruhija Gorilla friends
  • Bushara Island camp
  • Kisoro coffee homestay

Mid-range accommodation

  • Hotel Sojovalo
  • Kisoro tourist hotel
  • Bunyonyi resort

Luxury accommodation

  • Sheraton hotel – Kampala
  • Travelers inn hotel – Kisoro
  • Trekkers Tavern cottages – Ruhija

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