Buhuhira farmers, cultural and Rwenzori trekking experience.

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This is probably the best Rwenzori trekking experience that incorporates nature and culture. On this trip, you will be hosted by the farmers and other indigenous families that live in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains. The trekking is organised by Buhuhira farmers’ cooperative, a local initiative in the village next to Rwenzori mountains national park.  This community is situated on the trail head of Kithoma gate to Bukurungu trail. This epic Bukurungu trail takes trekkers to access the Rwenzori Mountains lower and high peaks through a 4-10 days trek. Besides trekking the high mountains, Buhuhira community is packed with rich cultural wonders that appeal to every traveler.

Buhuhira farmers cooperative utilizes a unique opportunity to supplement their agriculture income by welcoming the visitors who trek the Rwenzori Mountains. The local farmers double as porters and guides taking the visitors to the mountain trek and on the village guided tours. The village tours show case the local way of life in the rural setting. Visitors have a chance to participate in farming, cooking local food, traditional dances and trekking the Rwenzori foothills as they listen to the real life stories from the locals. This one day community experience is a good introduction to the mountain in a more flexible way. It is ideal for the day before or after the high mountain trek or for those who want to experience the mountains without having to climb to the high peaks.

Activities you can participate in include;

  • Agriculture tour to learn how the locals farm the hills to produce food for their families and for sale.
  • Traditional drumming and dancing as it is done by this mountain tribe during certain cultural occasions.
  • harvesting, preparing and cooking local food in the village home as you experience traditional activities such as fetching water from the rivers and collecting firewood for domestic use.
  • Rwenzori trekking up to the high peaks where you will experience the snow and alpine environment on the Rwenzori mountains of the moon up to 5109 meters above sea level.

Please view the itinerary that goes to this area.

Responsible tourism:

  • The community direct participation in tourism  leads to appreciating the value of conservation
  • The group supports tree planting. They hope to generate more resources that will help support their tree planting efforts.
  • Conservation awareness campaigns are doe by the group through music dance and drama to tell the locals to stop pollution
  • The group is comprised of poachers, these have turned into conservationists through the effort of the group in partnership with the park.
  • In partnership with the park, the members carry out some conservation awareness and community development programs.

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