Nyamughasana Community Tours

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If you visit Nyamughasana community, you will realize the magnificence of the Rwenzori Mountains and her people. The resident tribe here is called Bakonzo. You will be impressed by how they are accustomed to live on the hills. It is a tribe that is suited for the natural setting on the foothills of Rwenzori mountains, as they have evolved here over the years. It is an opportunity to share their inspiring skills during this memorable visit

Almost every households of these villages earn a living from farming. The main source of food is household farming and then sell the surplus for income. Demonstrating a traditional livelihood, they collect firewood, vegetables and fruits, medicinal plants and building materials from the neighboring forests. The local guides will take you around the village on several tours to introduce you to the local way of life.

Kyanzabiri Waterfall

Specific activities to participate in:

Rwenzori mountains boda-boda excursion: 

This tour is a showcase of the local life that allows visitors to mix with locals like never before. Every point to stop has a unique story of local Bakonzo peoples life. You will meet the local farmers, households and ethnic storytellers. The tour takes you to Kiburara local fruit market, the Bakonzo hero monument at Kagando village, Musasa traditional oil processing from the local indigenous plants. It ends at the coffee and vanilla farms where guests participate in the farming processes.

Rwenzori Heritage walk.

This mountain excursion is an exploration of the true cultural heritage of the Rwenzori Mountains that has never been disclosed before. You will witness the story of traditional Iron-rock mines. Here you will learn how the local tribes turned rocks into usable tools and weapons before the invention of modern implements. The excursion involves riding on boda-boda and trekking while participating with the locals. It takes you to the traditional mining village, on farms, at homes, or during varied local life settings. At “Buthale” hill, guests are taught how to find the iron rocks around the village farms. The elder will tell you how these stones were turned into iron as it was done in the year 500AD.

Forest walk

You will walk the hills, take the scenery, and meet the people of Rwenzori during this impressive forest trek. The trek involved walking both on the open scenic hills and in an indigenous forest bordering Rwenzori mountains national park. With a local guide, you will be looking for the unique birds and plants, chimps and other primates.  When you arrive at “Kyanzabiri” twin falls, spend time gazing this local river endlessly pumping into the pools. These falls are home to sterlings as you will see them taking timely leaps under the falls or on the nearby branches to cool off. During the walk, relax beneath forests jungles to reflect on the beauty of nature while listening to the natural sounds.

A local farmer harvesting Coffee


  • Each walk takes 3-5 hours basing on the pace and interest of the trekkers.


  • Participating in coffee harvesting and processing or making own cup of coffee in the homestead on the farm.
  • Learning how to identify the special rocks on the hills and listening to the story how they were turned into metals
  • Walking in the indigenous forest looking for different types of wildlife
  • A picnic in front of the waterfalls deep in the forest allowing you to bee closest and within nature.
  • The beautiful scenery of the landscape while trekking or on the top of the hills
  • learning how the war heroes defended their tribe until they accepted to happily died, while jubilating
  • Learning the herbs that made ancient Bakonzo women have many children, including twins as a way to increase their population in the mountains as a way to defend their heritage.
  • Learning how to make herbal oil and why it is treasured in the Bakonzo household as a medicine, cosmetic and a traditional blessing over generations.

What to bring:

  • Walking shoes
  • Layers and waterproof / Wind jacket (weather is changeable)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat and sun cream
  • Cash for tips and gift purchases
  • You can purchase drinks and snacks in the area
  • Binoculars and camera
  • Plastic bag to protect cameras etc.
  • You will be provided with a walking stick at the starting point.

How to get there:

You can access Nyamughasana village by road, from Fort portal Mpondwe road. It is located 28km from Queen Elizabeth national park.

From Queen Elizabeth, turn right at Kikorongo, off Kasese Mbarara road and take Mpondwe road. Drive up to Kiburara junction and turn right then drive for 15.2km to Kiswahiri roundabout, past Kagando hospital. Take a right turn at Kiswahili round-about and head to Kyarumba town council where the office is located, on the left before crossing the main bridge.

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