Rock climbing experience – Sipi falls, Mount Elgon National park

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A midst a landscape endowed with amazing scenery, you will be destined to do this rock climbing experience and abseiling above the Sipi falls on the foothills of Mount Elgon national park. Supported by a team of local experts, offering appropriate care while preparing you to climb up or fly down besides the 100m Sipi falls.  From a far, it looks like an impossible adventure until you arrive to the top and the team leader sets you to start your journey down the falls. When you reach the middle, hanging side by side with the falls,  it feel like rolling to paradise.

You will be given safe landing by the support staff at the base where you will also find a completely different world, with rocks of different colors and the rainbow rising from the base of the falls. Take the thrills of going behind the water falls in a cave-like feature and staying under the water balloon. This will give you the feeling of being in paradise. Relax and enjoy the cool breeze before you start your journey back to the top through the village farms. On your way up, your guide takes you through the local farms and gardens while explaining the local settlements and agricultural practices of the indigenous people.

Robert, the rock climbing experience manager,  has been highly trained by Italian experts. The equipment is up-to-date and is renewed on a timely basis to ensure the safety of the clients.


  • Rock climbing experience
  • Abseiling experience
  • Cycling experience
  • Accommodation in self contained rooms and camping.

Check out the itinerary to this area, here. 


  • Abseiling takes about 1-2 hours
  • 14 rock climbing routes available. From simplest to most complex.


  • At the bottom of the fall, enjoy the view of the rocks with varying colors.
  • Realize the changing climate as it cools down when you get to the bottom of the falls
  • You have a chance of spotting unique wildlife like chameleons and brightly colored birds.
  • Going under the cave behind the falls
  • Feeling energetic as you reach the bottom of the water falls
  • The feeling of paradise as you View the rainbow from the bottom of the falls

What to bring:

  • Walking shoes
  • Layers and water proof / Wind jacket (weather is changeable)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat and sun cream
  • Drinks and snacks can be purchased at the area
  • Binoculars and camera (optional)
  • Plastic bag to protect cameras etc.
  • Walking stick will be provided at the starting point.

You can book this rock climbing experience through this website at no additional cost. We are happy to organize your visit, arrange your transportation to Mount Elgon National park area or provide more information about the Rock climbing experience.

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