Rwenzori trek to Margarita on Kilembe trail (8 days)

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Trekking through Kilembe southern gate gives one of the best views of the Rwenzori mountains scenery. The experience and hospitality of the staff on this trek give you the best trekking experience. This journey to margarita peak at 5019m, will take you through the five Rwenzori vegetation zones. From Kasese town, you will be driving the scenic mountain roads twisting on the hill sides as you get introduced to the Rwenzori mountain terrain.  By 9 am the team will be ready to set off for the climb. The latest time groups can start the trek is at 11:00am. From the base camp at 1450m the 2.5 km walk to the park gate (1727 m) is tough but worth it because of its scenery. At the gate you get orientation about the park and the forthcoming memorable trip.

Day 1: Base camp – Saine hut (1450m – 2596m). Today’s trek is mainly through the forest zone. You will already start finding luxuriant but unique vegetation that id home to Rwenzori unique wildlife. From under the canopy, you may get chances of spotting primates, birds, and other small mammals. Trekking a total of 8.6km, total altitude gain for today’s journey will be 1146m, on a 5 – 7 hour.

Day 2 Saine hut – Mutinda camp (3688m). This is another beautiful 4 – 5 hours trek (6.9 km). After breakfast, start the trek that takes you through the two vegetation zones; bamboo and heather zones. The day will start with a sudden climb and can sometimes be muddy. Common site will be unique plants with flowers, giant heather trees, Mountain Rivers and streams, Usnea lichen, mixed with mist in some areas. On the way, you will have options of having several breaks and some hot drinks. Total altitude gain being 1092m.  On arrival, you may choose to go on to Mutinda lookout with a breathtaking view at 3,925m

Day 3 Mutinda hut – Bugata camp (40100m). After a hearty breakfast, start the 4-5 hours trek (6.8 km). That will lead you to Bugata camp. Your journey starts with a beautiful welcome scenery of tussock grass, giant lobelia and everlasting flowers. Steadily climb up the namusangi valley to find a mix of stunning waterfalls and great views of Mutinda peaks, typical of Rwenzori landscape. Total altitude gain is 374m.

Day 4: Bugata camp – Hunwick’s  (Butawu camp) (3974m). Trek up a ridge on your way to Bamwnjara pass. If the day is clear, you get perfect views of the main peaks from here. Descending the valley, enjoy the view of the luxuriant vegetation which include; moss, Giant groundsel and lobelia along the bogs. It is also the known breading location for the Malachite Sunbird. Enjoy the view of great numbers of sunbirds from here as they feed on the flowers of the ginat lobelia. Atop the deep valley, you will have the best views of the trio peaks of Mt Stanley, Mt Baker, Weismanns. You will have the night here at Hunwick’s Camp. Today’s journey is 6.2km and a total altitude gain of 388 meters at 4450 on the top of Bamwanjara Pass before you slope down to Butawu camp.

Day 5: Butawu camp – Margarita camp (4485m). Take an early breakfast and you are set for the 4.2km trek giving you a total altitude gain of 511m. From Hunwick’s camp, you will be Following the footsteps of the Duke of Abruzzi in 1902, during the Historic first ascend to Margarita peak. You will pass by lake Kitandara in the valley bottom as you admire the stunning vegetation and the deep waters with a beautiful reflection of the surrounding. You will arrive at Margarita camp after a considerable climb upt scott lliot’s pass. This camp was chosen by the duke because of the enormous rocks located on the sides that shelter it from the strong winds.

Day 6:  Margarita camp – margarita peak (5109m) – Butawu camp (3974m). Today is the mighty day of trekking to the highest point in Uganda, Margarita peak at 5,109m. The day starts at 2:00am with an early breakfast and then start heading to Mt Stanley at 2:30am.  Climbing the to the peak can only end at 10:00am as the ultimate time to start descending due to interest of safety in relation to the current weather patterns. From the peak, descent to Butawu camp (Hunwick’s camp) at 3.874m. In total, today’s journey will be 11.2km and altitude gain of 624m. to prepare for this day, it is important to plan apropriately

Day 7: Butawu camp – Bugata camp (4062m). After breakfast in a 6.2km journey starting with a steep climb on Bamwanjara pass. Ahead of Oliviers pass at 4,505m, you will take the greatest views of the peaks and scott Elliott pass, covering a total distance of 3km. transverse bellow weismann’s peak and reach the convergence of river Nyamwamba. This river is a natural connection between Rwenzori and queen Elizabeth. It directly flows through Kasese town to Lake George and then to Edward through Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park. After crossing the confluence, you will be heading to Kiharo camp deep down the valley with intense vegetation. From oliviers pass, you can choose to climb Weismann’s peak (optional) to be rewarded with great views of Mt Stanley, Mt speke, Mt baker and margarita peak at the same time.

Day 8: Bugata camp – Base camp (1450mm). Today you will head to the base camp through Kiharo camp skipping one camp on this trail. The Distance Kiharo Camp to the park gate 12.2km and another 2.8km down to the base camp, using a total of 5-8 hours. The trail is generally downhill and dramatic as you take the beautiful views down the rift valley. You will get the best of cascading water falls, and moss covered rocks along the river, deep valleys and forests. on this trail, you will be following the reality of the explorer and geologist McConnell who tried to create this route in 1937 and failed, but only to be created by Rwenzori trekking services in the recent past, making one of the most picturesque trail on the Rwenzori. Trekking along rivers you may spot wild animals such as Duikers. Enjoy the rocks, water falls and then follow the narrow ridge. Take a rest in the rock shelter ahead. You will then reach the magnificent forest where you have chances of finding wildlife such as birds, primates, duikers and hyrax. A great experience and ending to a fantastic trek.

Price per person:

  • 1 pax ( 2595)
  • 2-3 pax ( 2220$)
  • 4-5 pax (1980$)
  • 6 pax (1900$)


  • Meals: All meals , Food and energy (gas), catering services on the mountains on the mountains
  • Activities: All park fees, rangers, Porters and guides on the mountains.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation fees and camping gear, in kampala, base camp and on the mountains
  • Transport: Private transport to and from Kampala, transfer from and to the hotel to the base camp on the first and last days.


  • Technical climbing equipment
  • A sleeping bag of at least rating 2 degrees or higher.
  • Personal items
  • High alpine insurance

Upgrade available on demand:

  • Single supplement
  • Arrival and departure transport
  • Accommodation hotel
  • Number of group participants

Booking Code: UGtrip-11

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