The most captivating Wildlife adventure safaris, Rwenzori trekking and gorillas (14 days)

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This 14 days trip gives you full experience of African jungle and escapade, from the snow to the savanna and the fresh water wildlife in three national parks; Rwenzori mountains, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi impenetrable national parks.

On this trip, you will be trekking Rwenzori mountains of the moon up to 4023 meters above sea level, taking wildlife a safari in Queen Elizabeth national park looking for wildlife on a game drive and in the popular  boat cruise on Kazinga channel. lastly, tracking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park to witness these forest giants in their natural habitat. This is a rare combination that allows you to  participate in a trip to the three most unique experiences that you will find nowhere else in Africa. Relax as you cruise on the Kazinga channel and safari looking for the savanna creatures before heading to find the mountain gorillas in Bwindi.


Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe Airport and transfer to Kampala, Uganda’s capital city: (35km 1 hr.) B

Day 2: From Kampala, transfer to Rwenzori mountains base camp where trekking starts: (373km – 6 hrs.) (BLD)

Day 3: Nyakalengijo base camp to Nyabitaba hut 2632 m: (5hrs trek) (BLD)

Day 4: Nyabitaba hut to John Mathe hut 3414 m: (7 hrs. trekking) (BLD)

Day 5: John Mathe hut to Bujuku hut 3962m:  (5hrs) (BLD)

Day 6: Bujuku hut to kitandara hut, 4.023 m.  (BLD)

Day 7: Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut, 3.261 m. (6hrs) (BLD)

Day 8: Guyeoman hut to Nyabitaba hut 2632 m: (5-6 hrs.) (BLD)

Day 9: Nyabitaba hut to Base camp/ Nyakalengijo: (3hrs) (BLD)

Day 10: Transfer from Rwenzori to Queen Elizabeth national park, home of the big five (48km 1hr) (BLD)

Day 11: Explore Queen Elizabeth national park or trail the big five in a game drive and boat cruise (BLD)

Day 12: Transfer from Queen Elizabeth to Bwindi (201km- 4.5hrs) home of gorillas in Uganda (BLD)

Day 13: Gorilla tracking at Bwindi impenetrable national park. (BLD)

Day 14: Transfer from Bwindi to Kampala (est. 450km 8-10 hours) (BL)


Accommodations options of this trip

This trip can be matched with the following accommodations in the different categories

Budget/ community accommodation,

  • Elephant center campsite
  • Ruboni community camp
  • Ruhija gorilla friends resort

Mid-range accommodation

  • Hotel Sojovalo
  • Haven lodge

Luxury accommodation

  • Equator snow lodge
  • Mahogany springs
  • Trekkers Tavern cottages – Ruhija

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