Rwenzori View Turaco camp is situated in a rustic Mihunga village, on the trailhead to the Rwenzori Mountains. The camp offers Hospitality services to travelers trekking the Rwenzori Mountains. If you’re looking to relax in the foothills during your Uganda safari, you will also find this camp ideal.

Every visitor going to Rwenzori Mountains National Park will find this accommodation facility perfect. It is most suitable for the day before and after the trek. Self-contained rooms, furnished safari tents, and a spacious campground are available to select from. It is located below the hills in Mubuku valley, giving you a feeling of nature during the stay. The tents are perfectly set on wooden floors to give a stable night stay to the visitors. With a balcony on every tent, guests can seat outside their tent to take the views of the hills and gardens.

                                                             On-site Restaurant

The camp has running water and electricity mains, making it ideal for campers who want to do-it-themselves, during their stay. Besides, the site has a restaurant, kitchen, and bar where resident or day visitors can order meals and drinks.

Activities you can due while you stay at Rwenzori Turaco view camp include;

  • A forest walk,
  • Village walk, and
  • Rwenzori trekking tours.

How to get there:

The camp is easy to find from Kasese town. It is located 25km from the town center. Transport is either by private car, bodaboda or special hire taxi. From Kasese town, drive 10km on the Kasese- Fort-portal road up to Nkenda electrical terminal with may electrical poles. Nkenda electric terminal is locally called Kisanyarazi. Here you will branch west on Nkenda-Nyakalengijo road. This is the road that heads to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park gate. You will drive 15km straight on this road until you find Rwenzori Turaco sign in Mihunga village. We can help organize transportation for you on request. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

If you want to organize these and more activities in the Rwenzori foothills or to the high snow peaks, please contact us. We will tailor a delightful offer just for you.

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