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Uganda Wildlife and indigenous culture safari (18 days)

Discover Uganda’s natural and indigenous cultural heritage in this 18 days trip that takes you through her landscapes, wildlife, forests and magical beaches on Lake Victoria. Packaged in 17 days, the trip brings you to the wildest jungles of your life to see the wildlife in their natural habitat. As you look for the big

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Exploring Uganda’s waters, primates, Savannah, forests and Chameleons. (9 days)

You will be looking for the least explored animals and cultures of Uganda as you visit some of the parks with the largest herds of wildlife. The five wildlife areas to be visited on this trip include; Ziwa rhino sanctuary, Murchison falls national park, Kibale national park, Rwenzori mountains, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo national

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Uganda’s wildlife, adventure,scenery and culture on-foot (24 days)

This trip takes you to seven most attractive national parks, two wildlife reserves of Uganda and multitudes of Uganda’s beauties off the beaten track. You will have an opportunity to explore Kampala and Jinja either on bodaboda, bicycle and or on foot to have a true feel of Ugandan as you compare Uganda’s past to

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Kidepo Valley national park Fly-in safari (3 days)

  Through this fly-in three days trip, you will earn yourself scenarios of the landscape with large herds of wildlife, a unique untouched landscape and wildlife in its natural state as you have never seen before. You will also visit the Ik tribe chiefdom (a subsection of the Karamajong) where you will participate in their

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Kidepo valley national park and the primates safari (8 days)

  The combination of rhinos, Primates, the cats and the extended herds of savannah wildlife in Murchison falls and kidepo valley national park make this trip one of the perfect wildlife experience you can get in Uganda. On this eight day trip, you will also realize that Uganda’s beauty is not only about wildlife, but

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